Thursday, October 3, 2013

Commercialization of Manhattan Neighborhood Network

The Following Is Included in the Program Policies of MNN (on their web site)

"Program Content Restrictions
The following restrictions apply to all public access programming. Programs may not contain:
•    Solicitation, advertising, bartering or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions;

There is a CLEAR VIOLATION of those policies by a group called "Specialized Fitness and Nutrition" which has a program (made in 2012 at Harlem Week Festival) which is a blatant "informercial" for a commercial service.

Given the many rumors about staff being "paid off" "under the table" that surfaced this week at the producers meeting, I wonder if there is some sort of payment involved in the presentation of this program.  I have seen it transmitted several times. Why hasn't the staff outlawed this obvious violation of MNN content rules??

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